Some Wolves fans were disappointed to not see Coady in the team this time around, and even Shearer and Wrighty were praising him on the last episode of Match of the Day.  Bennett has gone under the radar a lot more, but has been worthy of the praise he has got from those fans who say he also deserves a call-up.

A call-up well earnt?

Coady and Bennett have both made a solid start to the Premier League.  Indeed I was baffled at Tarkowski getting called up before both of them, England playing with a back three similar to how Wolves set up, you would think that Gareth Southgate would want experienced players in this formation – or so that is the opinion of some of our fans.

Conor was on Soccer AM this Saturday just gone, and Jimmy Bullard broached the subject with him, as seen below:

Coady was flattered by the praise, but is keeping head well in the game for Wolves.  However, I do agree with those fans who say he deserves a call-up and he is around the right age to still get into Southgate’s plans.

Bennett on the other hand, has made a great start to the season and is easily one of the best defenders in the league.  I just think his age is something that would put Southgate off, as a Manager that likes to have a young team.

Dave Azzopardi (@daveazzopardi on Twitter) makes some great points on the subject of Coady and Bennett for England in a recent video for Talking Wolves below:

Keep your hands of our Wolves!

Although it is well deserved for both Coady and Bennett to be in the conversation for England call-ups, part of me is pleased that they haven’t yet got called up.  It does show that Wolves are still going under the radar a bit in the Premier League and people aren’t rating us as highly as we should be rated.  That, and also it means that Coady and Bennett are staying fit for our cause, with the likes of Costa, Neves, Patricio, Jota, Vinagre and more all out for international football currently, keeping a few lads at the club safe and sound is never a bad thing.

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